[An article by Denise Dumeyer Kangas]

mockingbirdIn the spring, when the Mockingbird begins his exuberant song for a mate, we are certain that he doesn’t initially sit on his perch, clearing his throat,“a-hem, hem, chirp? Oh dear, is this disturbing anybody? I’m not in very good chirp today.  A-hem, chi-rrrp??”  No, that isn’t what enters his mind. He simply feels a need in his tiny Mockingbird heart and it instantly manifests in song. It comes straight from his heart. He doesn’t question it.  He doesn’t doubt it.  He has a need and it is spontaneously expressed. My husband and I marvel that such a small creature can make such a big sound that we can hear from blocks away. Whereas some humans can’t be heard from 2 feet away. We were designed to communicate through sound just as assuredly as the Mockingbird. But most are afraid to really let our song out with the limitless bravura of the mighty little bird.

Our voice is directly connected to our heart, our emotions and our deepest yearning.  However, for many people, somewhere along the line, it became blocked. In recent years a stigma arose around singing that only “special” people get to do it.  Perhaps it came from too much unrealistic idolatry in the media. Maybe it happened when a frustrated grade school music teacher who didn’t have time or resources to help their students, regretfully asked them to “mouth” the words. These unfortunate students, because their voices were so personal to their deepest soul’s intent, were deeply wounded and repressed their voices for many years after. Or maybe that wasn’t the case, but other issues caused us to “put a lid on it”. It was no longer safe sharing our heart with the outside world.

Singing is life. Sound is everyone’s for the making.  And the healing.  Most people yearn to sing, because they know, unconsciously, that it is intrinsically good for them. We breathe.  When we inhale we allow the outside world to fill our lungs, stimulating our cellular chemistry, and that is called inspiration.  Then we allow the deepest part of ourselves to express this vibrating exhale that releases into the outside world,  We then have the opportunity to share with the world our most heartfelt self.  We receive, we give.  We inhale. We exhale. This vibration loosens up the unnecessary tension that has been blocking sound for perhaps a very long time.  If we are patient, that tension gets out of the way and we are able to express who we really, really are and the beauty that that can manifest. For some it comes very quickly. For others, it is a bit like taming a wild animal.  It takes persistence and a gentle touch. We are who we uniquely are and there is not a simple formula for all. It is not just for “special” people. It’s for anyone who wants it.

Each voice is a thumbprint.  There are no two exactly alike.  If we allow ourselves to sing with freedom, then nothing else can compare with that sound. It’s already there, we just need to uncover the interference.

 Mockingbird photograph, © Dale Wagler | Dreamstime Stock Photos